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What's New in CUPS 1.5

What's New in CUPS 1.5

CUPS 1.5 many changes and new features to CUPS 1.4.x. This page provides a high-level outline of these changes. If you have never used CUPS before, read the "Overview of CUPS" document instead.


  1. User defaults; Starting in CUPS 1.2, user defaults were stored in the ~/.cups directory, and the old ~/.cupsrc and ~/.lpoptions files were deprecated. Support for ~/.cupsrc and ~/.lpoptions have been removed in CUPS 1.5.
  2. IPP test tool; The ipptool IPP test tool is now a first-class user program.
  3. lpadmin; The lpadmin command now supports setting the cupsIPPSupplies and cupsSNMPSupplies keywords in PPDs and deleting options.


  1. Filter security; Filters and backends must now have group write permissions disabled.

Print Filters

  1. HP-GL/2 filter; The HP-GL/2 filter is no longer provided with CUPS.
  2. PDF filter; The PDF filter now supports new Poppler and Ghostscript options.
  3. PWG Raster driver; Added a new PWG Raster printer driver filter.
  4. SCSI backend; The SCSI backend is no longer provided with CUPS.


  1. CUPS headers; Changes to the main CUPS header may require code changes to applications and toolkits. Users of PPD functions must now include the <cups/ppd.h> header file explicitly since the <cups/cups.h> header no longer does so.
  2. HTTP support: Applications can now set a per-connection timeout interval and callback for HTTP operations as well as query and set SSL/TLS X.509 certificates.
  3. Raster support; The CUPS raster functions now support the creation of PWG Raster files and streams, and a new callback-based context function allows reading and writing from objects other than file descriptors.
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