alphaRunning[1.59] [1.87] [1.98]19.3%us, 7.0%sy, 33.8%wa52.3% [4.1 GB]0.0% [0 B]
ProcessStatusUptimeCPU TotalMemory Total
batteryRunning1h 22m0.0%0.0% [1.8 MB]
cronRunning2d 13h 33m0.0%0.0% [1.9 MB]
ups-statdRunning1h 21m0.0%0.1% [5.6 MB]
collectdRunning2d 13h 33m17.8%1.2% [92.6 MB]
HP_DeskjetRunning2d 13h 18m0.0%0.1% [6.2 MB]
logwallRunning2d 13h 32m2.3%3.1% [250.0 MB]
fail2banRunning2d 13h 29m0.0%0.1% [8.0 MB]
mysqlRunning2d 13h 32m0.1%1.4% [111.0 MB]
authd-htpasswdRunning2d 13h 29m0.1%0.1% [8.5 MB]
fcgidRunning2d 13h 29m0.0%0.3% [24.5 MB]
hostapdNot monitored---
samba-cupsd-proxyRunning2d 13h 14m0.0%0.0% [3.8 MB]
whoisRunning2d 13h 19m0.0%0.2% [18.8 MB]
nginxRunning2d 13h 17m0.1%0.9% [74.2 MB]
OCSPRunning2d 13h 17m0.0%0.1% [5.2 MB]
NTPRunning20h 30m0.0%0.1% [4.5 MB]
NetBIOSRunning2d 13h 17m0.0%0.1% [9.7 MB]
SambaRunning2d 13h 17m0.0%0.1% [9.6 MB]
syslogdRunning2d 13h 33m0.2%0.1% [4.6 MB]
CUPSRunning2d 13h 18m0.0%0.1% [6.2 MB]
openvpnRunning2d 5h 39m0.0%0.1% [4.7 MB]
apcupsdRunning1h 22m0.0%0.0% [1.8 MB]
RDPRunning2d 13h 17m0.0%0.0% [2.0 MB]
binldRunning2d 13h 18m0.0%0.1% [6.3 MB]
tcpconsoleRunning2d 13h 17m0.0%0.0% [1.8 MB]
stunnel.logglyRunning2d 13h 17m0.0%0.1% [6.9 MB]
RTSPRunning2d 13h 18m0.2%0.0% [2.1 MB]
SSHRunning20h 54m0.0%0.2% [13.8 MB]
stunnel.papertrailRunning2d 13h 17m0.0%0.1% [6.9 MB]
dnsmasqRunning2d 13h 33m0.0%0.0% [3.9 MB]
carbon-cacheRunning2d 13h 18m1.2%0.1% [11.8 MB]
carbon-aggregatorRunning2d 13h 18m1.9%0.1% [11.4 MB]
graphite-webRunning2d 13h 17m0.0%0.6% [50.6 MB]
smtpRunning2d 13h 17m0.0%0.0% [1.5 MB]
stunnel.smtpsRunning2d 13h 17m0.0%0.0% [3.7 MB]
stunnel.submissionRunning2d 13h 17m0.0%0.0% [3.7 MB]
messengerRunning2d 13h 17m0.0%0.0% [1.5 MB]
ProgramStatusOutputLast startedExit value
smart.tw0Status okno output19 Nov 2017 22:04:240
smart.duoStatus failedno output19 Nov 2017 22:04:241
smart.bigStatus okno output19 Nov 2017 22:04:240
smart.jadStatus failedno output19 Nov 2017 22:04:241
OPUSHInitializing - start pending---
FilesystemStatusSpace usageInodes usage
fs.rootAccessible54.9% [10.0 GB]25.6% [312601 objects]
fs.tmpAccessible0.2% [3.2 MB]0.1% [223 objects]
fs.srvResource limit matched90.5% [378.5 GB]4.8% [1349619 objects]
fs.aidAccessible18.6% [3.4 GB]0.0% [17 objects]
fs.bigAccessible92.0% [421.8 GB]0.1% [17213 objects]
fs.duoData access error- [-]- [-]
fs.jadData access error- [-]- [-]
hci0Does not exist----
hwraidDoes not exist----
log.dnsmasqAccessible2.6 MB064004
whisperAccessible227.3 kB0644127150
eth1UP1.3 kB/s888 B/s
wifi0Not monitored--
eth0UP65 B/s0 B/s
tap0UP72 B/s17 B/s
tap6UP71 B/s6 B/s
hotspotNot monitored-
GatewayOnline with all services[Ping]
ISPOnline with all services[Ping]
KappaICMP failed[Ping]
TuxyICMP failed[Ping]
EnterwayOnline with all services[Ping]
ip6alphaOnline with all services[Ping]
ip6gwOnline with all services[Ping]
ISP-IPv6Online with all services[Ping]  |  [DEFAULT] at port 80
szignumOnline with all services[HTTP] at port 80  |  [HTTP] at port 80
lvl5Online with all services[HTTP] at port 80  |  [HTTP] at port 80
aramszunet.mako.tomorkenyOnline with all services[HTTP] at port 443
aramszunet.mako.batthyanyOnline with all services[HTTP] at port 443
advisory.hostapdOnline with all services[HTTP] at port 80