alphaRunning[1.22] [2.59] [2.29]24.5%us, 4.9%sy, 16.4%wa43.8% [3.4 GB]0.0% [0 B]
ProcessStatusUptimeCPU TotalMemory Total
radvdRunning14d 13h 26m0.0%0.0% [708 kB]
ndppdRunning2h 59m0.0%0.0% [876 kB]
cronRunning14d 13h 28m0.0%0.0% [1.9 MB]
collectdRunning14d 13h 28m0.0%1.3% [106.7 MB]
HP_DeskjetRunning14d 13h 18m0.0%0.1% [6.4 MB]
logwallRunning14d 13h 27m95.2%5.7% [459.5 MB]
fail2banRunning14d 13h 24m0.0%0.1% [8.1 MB]
mysqlRunning14d 13h 27m0.0%1.5% [119.4 MB]
authd-htpasswdRunning3d 22h 2m0.0%0.1% [8.9 MB]
fcgidRunning14d 13h 19m0.0%0.3% [24.8 MB]
hostapdRunning1d 7h 35m0.0%0.0% [3.0 MB]
samba-cupsd-proxyRunning14d 13h 15m0.0%0.0% [3.8 MB]
grafanaRunning11h 57m0.0%0.4% [28.5 MB]
whoisRunning14d 13h 19m0.0%0.3% [21.7 MB]
nginxRunning14d 13h 17m0.0%1.3% [100.5 MB]
OCSPRunning14d 13h 16m0.0%0.1% [7.4 MB]
NTPRunning14d 13h 27m0.0%0.1% [4.5 MB]
NetBIOSRunning14d 13h 16m0.0%0.1% [9.7 MB]
SambaRunning14d 13h 16m0.0%0.1% [10.4 MB]
syslogdRunning10d 16h 29m0.0%0.1% [5.3 MB]
CUPSRunning14d 13h 18m0.0%0.1% [6.4 MB]
openvpnRunning14d 13h 17m0.0%0.1% [4.9 MB]
apcupsdInitializing - start pending---
RDPRunning14d 13h 16m10.0%0.4% [28.6 MB]
xrdp-sesmanRunning14d 13h 16m62.2%53.0% [4.2 GB]
binldRunning14d 13h 18m0.0%0.1% [6.5 MB]
tcpconsoleRunning14d 13h 15m0.0%0.0% [2.0 MB]
stunnel.logglyRunning14d 13h 16m0.0%0.2% [13.4 MB]
RTSPRunning14d 13h 18m0.0%0.0% [2.0 MB]
SSHRunning3h 0m0.0%0.2% [14 MB]
stunnel.papertrailRunning14d 13h 16m0.0%0.2% [13.4 MB]
dnsmasqRunning10d 16h 21m0.0%0.0% [3.9 MB]
carbon-cacheRunning14d 13h 17m10.0%0.2% [15.2 MB]
carbon-aggregatorRunning14d 13h 17m0.0%0.1% [11.7 MB]
graphite-webRunning14d 13h 15m0.0%0.8% [63.3 MB]
smtpRunning12d 9h 7m0.0%0.0% [1.5 MB]
stunnel.smtpsRunning14d 13h 16m0.0%0.0% [3.8 MB]
stunnel.submissionRunning14d 13h 16m0.0%0.0% [3.8 MB]
messengerRunning12d 9h 7m0.0%0.0% [1.5 MB]
ProgramStatusOutputLast startedExit value
smart.bigStatus okno output18 Feb 2019 22:01:490
smart.blueStatus okno output18 Feb 2019 22:01:490
OPUSHStatus okChannel: 918 Feb 2019 22:07:340
FilesystemStatusSpace usageInodes usage
fs.slashAccessible61.2% [570.3 GB]not supported by filesystem
fs.logsAccessible61.2% [570.3 GB]not supported by filesystem
fs.usersAccessible61.2% [570.3 GB]not supported by filesystem
fs.sdataAccessible61.2% [570.3 GB]not supported by filesystem
fs.dbaseAccessible61.2% [570.3 GB]not supported by filesystem
fs.tmpAccessible0.2% [3.3 MB]0.1% [271 objects]
fs.bigAccessible75.3% [345.1 GB]0.0% [1315 objects]
fs.exchangeAccessible0.0% [0 B]not supported by filesystem
hci0Accessible4 kB044400
log.dnsmasqAccessible8.5 MB064004
whisperAccessible227.3 kB0644127150
UPSDoes not exist---
eth1UP3.4 kB/s24.7 kB/s
wifi0UP1.0 kB/s186 B/s
eth0UP4.3 kB/s2.2 kB/s
tap0UP187 B/s246 B/s
tap6Timeout272 B/s135 B/s
hotspotOnline with all services[Ping]
GatewayOnline with all services[Ping]
ISPOnline with all services[Ping]
KappaOnline with all services[Ping]
TuxyOnline with all services[Ping]
EnterwayOnline with all services[Ping]
Alpha.inet6Online with all services[Ping]
ip6tunOnline with all services[Ping]
cache.uucp.huOnline with all services[HTTP] at port 80
szignumOnline with all services[HTTP] at port 80  |  [HTTP] at port 80
lvl5Connection failed[HTTP] at port 80  |  [HTTP] at port 80
aramszunet.mako.batthyanyContent failed[HTTP] at port 443
aramszunet.mako.wekerleContent failed[HTTP] at port 443
aramszunet.medgyesegyhaza.deakConnection failed | Content failed[HTTP] at port 443
advisory.hostapdOnline with all services[HTTP] at port 80