Monit runtime status

Monit ID10afe36a97104bef81af902037196493
Process id4993
Effective user running Monitroot
State file/var/lib/monit/state
Use syslogTrue
Event queuebase directory /var/spool/monit/events with 150 slots
Mail server(s)localhost:25
Limit for Send/Expect buffer8 kB
Limit for file content buffer512 B
Limit for HTTP content buffer1024 kB
Limit for program output8 kB
Limit for network timeout5 s
Limit for check program timeout5 m
Limit for service stop timeout30 s
Limit for service start timeout30 s
Limit for service restart timeout30 s
On rebootlaststate
Poll time20 seconds with start delay 10 seconds
httpd unix socket/var/run/monit/httpd.sock
httpd signatureTrue
Use ssl encryptionFalse
httpd auth. styleHost/Net allow list
Alert mail
Alert onByteIn ByteOut Checksum Connection Content Data Exec Exist Fsflags Gid Invalid Link Nonexist Permission PacketIn PacketOut PID Ping PPID Resource Saturation Size Speed Status Timeout Timestamp Uid Uptime
Stop Monit http server?
Force validate now?
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