Remote Host status

StatusContent failed
Group aramszunet power-supply webpage web prognostic
Monitoring statusMonitored
Monitoring modeactive
On rebootlaststate
Depends on service ISP dnsmasq
Dependent service
Check serviceevery 1440 cycle
Port response timeFAILED to []:443/aram/pages/online/aramszunet.jsf?submitForm=Keres%C3%A9s&telepules=Mak%C3%B3 type TCP/IP using SSL/TLS protocol HTTP/1.0
Data collectedSun, 26 Jan 2020 05:19:34
PortIf failed []:443/aram/pages/online/aramszunet.jsf?submitForm=Keres%C3%A9s&telepules=Mak%C3%B3 type TCP/IP protocol HTTP/1.0 with timeout 5 s and retry 2 times using SSL/TLS then exec '/etc/monit/helper/aramszunet Makó Batthy' as uid 65534 as gid 65534