Remote Host status

StatusNot monitored
Group aramszunet webpage web prognostic
Monitoring statusNot monitored
Monitoring modeactive
On rebootlaststate
Depends on service ISP dnsmasq
Dependent service
Check serviceevery 1440 cycle
Data collectedSun, 27 Oct 2019 05:16:08
PortIf failed []:443/aram/pages/online/aramszunet.jsf?submitForm=Keres%C3%A9s&telepules=Mak%C3%B3 type TCP/IP protocol HTTP/1.0 with timeout 5 s and retry 2 times using SSL/TLS then exec '/etc/monit/helper/aramszunet Makó Wekerle' as uid 65534 as gid 65534